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Our background sets us apart & gives us the edge.

K Bar Livestock
Mary Kay inserting sonomicrometer crystals
in the LV of a goat.
K Bar Livestock
At the ranch with a Hair lamb.

Allow me to introduce myself!

As a research physiologist I was engaged in whole animal cardiopulmonary research and teaching for 17 years.  In addition, my family has been involved with ranching and livestock husbandry since the 1940s. 

As an active researcher I was constantly frustrated with  poor quality animals, erratic vendors and exorbitant prices.  Finally, out of desperation I began supplying my own lab with animals from our ranch.   My colleagues began asking that I bring them animals as well.   As word of our success spread, I found myself spending so much time securing top quality animals that my own research began to suffer…..


For the past 26 years, our family ranching business has been devoted exclusively to procuring and delivering the FINEST ANIMALS AVAILABLE  to research and teaching facilities across the United States.    

Because of my 17 years on your side of the table, we approach each order from the points of view of both the investigator and the vendor, we can consistently deliver a quality animal model, carefully chosen to fit the needs of the protocol at competitive prices.

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K Bar Livestock  is a woman owned, family operated small businessproviding domestic livestock for biomedical research and teaching.  The animals we deliver are never culls, random source or just what we happened to have on hand.  Rather, they are the very best animals the state's finest breeders can produce, carefully chosen to fit the needs of the protocol.

With K BAR animals, you won't be paying per diem charges while trying to get your animals cleaned up, free of a parasite load or over a shipping induced pneumonia.  And, you won't have to throw out your data after discovering unwelcome surprises at necropsy.

We strive to be more than just the guys that deliver the animals.  Whenever there is a problem or a question about the animal model, we do whatever it takes to solve the problem, answer the question and keep your protocols running smoothly, thus freeing up your people to channel their energies into creative research.

  For additional information, contact us at the ranch at (830) 966-2259
or Email us at mk@kbarlivestock.com